About KAADS.org

www.kaads.org (KAADS) is the brainchild of a Hunter College High School student.  We are an all-volunteer group of teenagers and adults. We launched KAADS to empower children to help their parents get expert guidance to resolve relationship issues, short of divorce or permanent separation.

Too many relationships and marriages come to an end after parents encounter relationship hurdles and fail to successfully deal with resolvable issues.
For any number of reasons, parents are ultimately weighed down by their issues to the point where they, although unintentionally, contribute to the deterioration of their relationships. If the destructive progression continues without effective intervention, parents may become overwhelmed by frustration and anger.  At that point, parents may begin to consider the seemingly easy way out – permanent separation or divorce.

It is no secret that relationship problems are among the most nerve-racking life experiences for parents. While in this emotionally unbalanced and/or vulnerable state of mind, parents must make some of the most important decisions for themselves and their children, and the future of their families often depends on the opinions of the people parents turn to for support and advice. Now more than ever, parents need the best objective guidance to successfully deal with resolvable issues.

Children, especially teenagers, are often the first to become aware of the tension between parents. When some friends and family become aware of the relationship problems, they often offer more one-sided and unconstructive commentary than solutions. “Outsiders generally tell parents what they want to hear, but often, not what they need to hear.” 

Parents need insightful information which can help them work toward solutions to keep their families together whenever possible, and for the benefit of all concerned – parents and children.

The subject matter statistics* consistently have confirmed the negative effects of divorce and separation on children, a number of which are life-altering. Although children are not involved in marital or relationship issues by participation, their dependence on the participants involve them by default and directly exposes them to consequences of the outcome. For these reasons, children must take action to ensure that their parents get expert help and steer clear of biased outsiders.

Our FREE prewritten Out of the Blue TXT messaging service, which sends a text message from KAADS.org to parents, is enough to raise curiosity toward the process of solving marital problems and nudge parents in the right direction – it brings parents here.  Our online resources offer immediate help and support for parents and children.  We help parents understand and resolve their problems without divorce or permanent separation, and in this way, we protect children from the adverse and life-altering effects of a broken home.

Parents, your current situation is the result of your individual choices and/or mutual mistakes. The outcome of your dispute will affect us directly; therefore, you must consider our best interest as carefully and fully as you consider your own best interest. Your choice to divorce or separate may jeopardize our chances for the best possible education and future. We deserve nothing less than your total commitment to work toward reconciliation, exhausting all avenues of communication and support to that end.

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