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Hard work almost always produces positive results(No Comments)

Hard work almost always produces positive results. Whenever couples can work toward a healthy resolution for all concerned, let us hold them to their vows as we hold contracting parties to their acceptance of a contract. Our families and innocent people (children) deserve nothing less. As a precondition for divorce, let us require that parents […]

Children deserve nothing less(No Comments)

Children deserve nothing less than our total commitment to work toward reconciliation, exhausting all avenues of communication and support to that end.

Don’t quit if you’re not in love(1 Comment)

Couples should work to maintain the “in love” component of their affection, but when it diminishes, they shouldn’t quit; they should work to restore it.

Change the way you fight!(No Comments)

Too many relationships and marriages come to an end after parents encounter relationship hurdles and fail to successfully deal with resolvable issues.

Extreme choices(No Comments)

For every extreme choice and course of destructive action that destroys a relationship (family), there is an equally extreme choice and course of constructive action that may save that family, for the benefit of everyone involved – parents and children. We can often resolve relationship problems without destroying our families. Our children deserve nothing less than […]